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Photo Product Style Wood Price Dimensions Comment
2019-08-739e Maple with blue epoxy End Maple 350 16” round This would make a nice little accent or small end table
2019-08-739f Claro Walnut burl End Walnut 550 22x20x20 NWC39F The base can be changed to be a nice accent table
2019-08-73a0 Black Walnut with Pearl River End Walnut 495 24x23x25 NWC730 The base can be change to be a nice accent table
p1010502 Buckeye Burls in Blue/gray Epoxy Coffee Buckeye 995 31x27x20 NWC502 This small coffee would look great as a large accent on a different base
2019-08-73a3 Claro Walnut Burl Coffee Walnut 695 26” round NWC733 This small coffee would look great as an accent or end table on a different base
2019-08-73a5 Ash Coffee Coffee Ash 795 37x34x20 NWC735 This Ash slab would also look great as a large accent table on a different base
2019-08-73a6 Walnut with Caviar black Epoxy Coffee Walnut 850 36” round NWC736 This Walnut slab would also look great as a large accent table on a different base
2019-08-73a7 Rustic Spalted Maple Coffee Maple 550 50x24x19 NWC737 Other base options available
2019-08-73a8 Walnut accented with Bark and River Rocks in Epoxy Coffee Walnut 695 60x27x20 NWC738 Other base options available
2019-08-73a9 Maple River Table Coffee Maple 995 48x25x18 NWC739 Other base options and could even be a small eating table
2019-08-73ab Black Walnut Console Table Sofa Walnut 450 50x21x30 NWC73B Other base options available
2019-08-73ad Black Walnut River Table Sofa Walnut 895 44x20x30 NWC73D Other base options available
p1010523 Black Walnut on Manzanita Burl Accent Walnut 695 26x26x28 NWC523 Other base options available from $300 & up total
Maple with Epoxy End Maple 495 23x20x23.5 Spalted Maple with swirl epoxy on Metal base, 1010487
Maple on Metal Coffee Maple 650 52x22x21 Curly Maple on Metal with a Maple shelf, 7357
Maple on Cedar Coffee Maple 695 52x22x18 Curly Maple on a Cedar root stump, 7359
Parota Dining Table Dining Parota 1494 72x45x30 Parota (Guanacaste) table on a Metal turn buckle base, 7354
English Walnut Console Sofa Walnut 750 53x16-28x30 English Walnut shown on a Metal base, 735c
Lace Maple with Juniper Accent Maple 250 20x13x25 Lace Maple burl with Oregon Juniper, 7361
Lace Maple with Juniper Accent Maple 350 31x13x30.5 Lace Maple burl with Oregon Juniper, 735f
Burly Gum on Singer base Accent Gum 295 30x22x30.5 NWC339 Burly Gum on Antique Singer Sewing Base
Walnut on Sausage Press End Walnut 225 24x16x24 (adjustable height) NWC350 Black Walnut on Antique Sausage (Lard) Press
Spalted Maple on Console Sofa Maple 495 44x12x29 NWC356 Spalted Maple on console base
Walnut on Rectangular base Sofa Walnut 295 43x15x29.5 NWC376 Black Walnut slab on rectangular metal base
Ambrosia Maple end table End Maple 250 18x24x24 NWC367 part of match set (set of 2 $395)
Red Elm Burl on Singer base Accent Elm 650 34x22x30.5 NWC333
Bocote on Copper vein Console Sofa Bocote 495 44x12x29 NWC354 Bocote (beautiful import) on console base
Ash oval with oil painting Accent Ash 225 24x14x24 (adjustable) NWC384 Painted oval on Antique Sausage (Lard) Press
Buckeye Burl Coffee table Coffee Buckeye 895 33x23x19 NWC326 Buckeye Burl using a Buckeye stump and base
Mappa Burl on Manzanita Accent Mappa 1195 36x32x28.5 NWC378 Mappa Burl on a Manzanita Burl base
Walnut Burl on Manzanita Accent Walnut 950 32x26x27.5 NWC382 Claro Walnut burl on a Manzanita Burl base
Buckeye burl on forged metal base Accent Buckeye 1195 37x35x31 NWC328 Buckeye Burl small table for 4
Lace Maple on Mesquite Burl End Maple 795 29x23x25 NWC316 Maple burl on a unique Mesquite Burl base
Walnut Burl on Metal Base End Walnut 495 28x24x24 NWC024 Claro walnut burl on Pickup Sticks Base
Walnut Burl on Metal Base End Walnut 695 32x27x24 NWC028 Claro walnut burl on Eclipse Base
Ambrosia Maple bench Bench Maple 550 72x14x16 NWC159 - Benches in any size or wood species
Butternut Console table Sofa Butternut 350 48x9x28.5 NWC555 - Ohio Butternut on Silver Vein Metal base
Walnut Burl on "Copper vein" legs Accent Walnut 995 33x31x30.5 NWC457 - Amazing walnut burl on beautiful metal legs
Manzanita Coffee Accent Coffee Manzanita 695 32x22x19 NWC447 - Rare Manzanita wood selections
"Flight" Onyx lamp on Ash Lamp Ash 295 15" height NWC464 - Onyx stone lamp on Ash wood base
Onyx lamp grouping lit in dark Lamp wood 195 Grouping showing Onyx lamps lit;
** Prices $195-$395
Black Walnut with Grande table base Sofa Walnut 750 54x20x31 NWC715 - 54” x 20” top slab with many base options
Walnut Console table “Silver vein” base Sofa Walnut 650 54x20x32 NWC424 - Beautiful Walnut slab on Powdercoat Metal
Walnut Console table on metal bases Sofa Walnut 595 50x20x31 NWC419 - Walnut slab on rectangle Metal bases
Walnut Coffee table on metal bases Coffee Walnut 550 50x20x20 NWC413 - Walnut slab on “X” Metal bases
Ambrosia Maple on Metal Base Sofa Maple 495 54x14.5x31.5 NWC345 - Gold vein powder coat console with Maple
Walnut on Metal Console Base Sofa Walnut 550 61x18x30.5 NWC352 - Copper vein powder coat console with Walnut
Walnut on Black Rectangular Metal Base Sofa Walnut 550 61x18x30.5 NWC370 - Rectangular Metal base with beautiful Walnut
Oregon Juniper Jewelry post on Maple Accent Juniper 79 26” height NWC727 - Juniper with natural branches on lace maple base
Buckeye Burl on Hairpin legs Accent Buckeye 595 38x36x31 NWC306 - Buckeye Burl on metal legs
Buckeye Burl with Juniper Accent Buckeye 450 36x22x34 NWC486 - Buckeye Burl Accent
Cherry on old school desk Accent Cherry 250 21x20x28 NWC312 - Cherry Live Edge on an old school desk
Buckeye Burl with Oregon Juniper Coffee Buckeye 750 38 x 26.5 x 21.5 * Sale Price $695 *
NWC536 - Nice slab
Buckeye Burl on Maple cantilever base End Buckeye 595 35 x 25 x 23 NWC749 - Buckeye Burl on Amish made maple base
Mesquite accent table Accent Mesquite 650 34x22x29 * Sale Price $595 *
NWC172 - Great accent table with crushed glass filler
Lace Maple end table End Maple 395 24x21x24.5 NWC806 - lace maple end or accent table
Blonde Buckeye 4246 w/33" glass top Coffee Buckeye 450 32x27x20 * Sale Price $395 *
NWC956 - comes with 33" glass top (not shown)
Lace Maple accent table Lace Maple accent table Accent Maple 350 23 x 17 x 29 NWC355 - Nice lace curl
F-105 Red Oak sofa table F-105 Red Oak sofa table Sofa Oak 350 40 x 13.5 x 29 NWC378 - Oak accent or sofa table
Curly Maple 3 piece Curly Maple 3 piece Accent Maple 450 29 x 23 x 28 NWC416 - Great Maple character with oak legs
Lace Maple accent 3 pc w/glass Lace Maple accent 3 pc w/glass Accent Maple 395 20 x 17 x 29 NWC444 - Glass 22" top included